I've really upset my brother by saying I'm not coming to his 40th birthday. His husband said he's always so supportive of me, I should reciprocate.. It's the week before my youngest starts school, and at the end of school holidays as a single parent I'm already exhausted and my brain fog is totally nuts atm. The party involves flying with the kids and staying with family for a few days, which is never as restful as I imagine as they don't help out much, plus a late night at the actual do. I said I can't afford the fatigue hangover from the trip as I want to be in as good shape as possible to support my little one. He obviously doesn't understand . They also don't have kids, and my two are always so thrilled to see them they're delightful in their company. They don't see/ believe the intense behaviour I manage with both kids at home... How has anyone else articulated that you're just not up to it right now? I know what I want to say, it thr actual words that escape me ( lol because of the blasted brain fog!!)

Posted by rachaelr at 2023-08-21 08:20:36 UTC