Tilt table: Heyo all. So I’ve just moved to the UK, and my new POTS doctor (he’s lovely) taking over my care is re-ordering a tilt table. Am super nervous about it because 1) my POTS has chilled A LOT after moving to the UK because its so much cooler 2) I’ve done so much regulation work & life adjustments that my HRV & symptoms has significantly improved, and I do feel much better on a whole Im like at a stage where my POTS isn’t super bad anymore, but my fatigue and brain fog are still rather signifcant. Im worried how the test results would be given that all tests are a snapshot in time, and im at a rather good place right now…. But yet, I wouldn’t be able to cut off treatment. So well….worried that i wouldnt make the cut for tilt table. Any suggestions or advice? xoxo

Posted by cla_ricee at 2023-08-21 16:41:00 UTC