Hi All, I'm new to Zebra club. I've been reluctant to introduce myself as I'm finding it difficult to get started. I'm afraid of movement! There I said it out loud, that's sort of progress! I haved lived with chronic pain, fatigue fibromyalgia, chronic sleeping problems, brain fog & subluxations etc over 30 years. I've gone through the intro it's been very encouraging, I feel I could do with going through it again to get my fuzzy brain in gear. I've only managed to watched some classes but today I've now plucked up the courage to get my new yoga mat out, not something I'd thought I'd ever own. Im very stiff, weak & unstable from head to toe. I use walking aids when out but I'm housebound most of the time. I've was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome about 10 years ago but not had any genetic tests. Dispite having 50%+ of the markers for EDS according to the last physio I saw. I was told by a Rheumatologist the NHS won't do genetic tests unless vascular EDS is suspected. I saw a Consltant in pain management recently and told him about my plan to join the zebra club. He's was interested and asked me to let him know how I get on as he has little to offer people like myself with very long term complex pain. Well, I'm going to do the intro again now... pull up my stripey🦓 socks and get on with it, slowly but surly. This resource is a life line. I'm so very greatful it's given me hope. Jac x

Posted by jacquitrill at 2023-08-22 17:46:46 UTC