Something happened on Weds while doing class. I'm a Wed-Fri-Sun person. I've been wondering whether to share because I get how stressful this is, and everyone is different. I'm talking #tinnitus I've had very bright, white noise, unilateral tinnitus that fluctuates, since seeing a bodyworker last October, pre-diagnosis, who worked on my Vagus nerve and did cranial-sacral (lots of neck extension). By the end of the day it is so loud it really affects my sleep. On Weds I did rest and restore, lovely after wfh all day, and then the neck stability class. In the end part, supine on mat, rolling head up and down, doing the slight chin tuck. I could hear a tiny (good) snapping sound in my right ear, every time I did the movement, about six in total. After the class my tinnitus has lessened considerably. The only other time I have heard this snapping sound was once in bed, lying on that side, I suddenly heard loud, tuning fork like sound, I moved my head slightly and heard the tiny snapping into place sound, and the sound reverted to the usual hiss. It is building again but not as bad. I think this shows I need to work on my head positioning. Gives me some hope. I am neurodivergent and I really need quiet (I know we all do). TLDR: the neck stability class has improved my unilateral tinnitus

Posted by treesandbees at 2023-08-25 11:45:33 UTC