Hello friends, I am experiencing burning type of pain that is very scary. I was diagnosed recently after being hospitalised with CSF leak after having problems with my spine again. Looking back, I was never well, but I believe it all started massively after my last Covid infection this January. Since then I experienced fatigue and all body joint pain, followed by many subluxations. I was doing better last 3 weeks and hoped this burning type of pain won’t come back and I believed I was recovering. Since last 3 days, I feel this crazy deliberating fatigue again in addition with this burning type if pain. It feels like someone would light up the matches inside my body. (I am not native english speaker). Does anyone experienced this type of pain? Many thanks for your ideas in advance. I am scared, in pain and honestly hope this won’t stay forever as this is hard to accept that this will be my life going forward, this pain is another level:(

Posted by Hanna at 2023-08-27 18:04:18 UTC