Does anyone have experience with ME/CFS clinics? I’m visiting the Stanford infectious disease and ME/CFS clinic for the first time on Tuesday. Because doctor visits have so often gone poorly, I would appreciate any advice that might help achieve a better outcome. For instance, how many symptoms are too many to share? Fill a page up or highlight the most problematic? Anyone else follow the r/medicine subreddit? Lots of docs in there frustrated with patients who go into a lot of history (eg, doc: when did your pain start? patient: it started years ago…). I think the point they’re making is chronic illness is frustrating for them to deal with 🤣 🤦🏻‍♀️. ➡️ The actual question: what’s the relevant stuff they need to know? (And if you do follow that subreddit, hit me up so we can chat about it!) ❓Do you share your hunches or non-medically accepted research with docs? For example, long-term Lyme infection isn’t usually recognized by medicine but many individuals and naturopaths follow this path. That’s a lot. 😬 I’m nervous! Appreciate having y’all to reach out to!! 🙏

Posted by Eri at 2022-03-13 03:13:57 UTC