Hi everyone, Unfortunately, I have cervical instability which I believe is CCI (haven’t been to a neurologist yet but I do get neurological symptoms and the osteo is always talking about that area for me). I have had quite a few injuries to the spine but manage to rehab and strengthen. During a period of stress and muscle dysfunction from an injury where I have become very deconditioned, I developed my old dystonic symptoms along with instability and very deconditioned muscles. I feel so sad about this as I was doing so well. I need a sense of hope. I also notice that my tongue doesn’t fit in my upper palate, and I know it’s a huge factor for jaw tension and cervical stability. My tongue is very spasm/dystonic as well. I just need to know I can get better without thousands of pounds of dental and jaw treatments as well. Does anyone have some hope to share? My EDS was really okay for a good couple years with the help of Zebra club and I even got into weight training and loved it! I’m feeling some grief right now and mental health issues which of course makes it worse. Thank you all.

Posted by reema at 2023-08-28 10:39:39 UTC