Hi everyone! My name is Simona and I am from Zurich, Switzerland. I recently got diagnosed with EDS after a 10-year-medical-odyssey. I am so glad to join the Zebra Club, so helpful to read from other people with the same symptoms and problems in everyday life. Thank you all! I have a question about Covid: I haven‘t had Covid and I am still taking a lot of precautions (meeting people outside, wearing masks in stores/public transport) because my EDS specialist said an infection might make my symptoms worse. But I struggle increasingly with my social life (which is already difficult to maintain because of my sympotms), especially now, as it gets colder again outside. Does everyone has the same issues? Or can someone share their experiences with Covid infections? (I did get vaccinated three times.)

Posted by Simona at 2023-08-29 15:35:31 UTC