A couple of months or so ago I had an appointment with an NHS podiatrist and while assessing me she got me to do a bridge and then lift and straighten one leg (so that I was supporting myself with the other leg). I was worried about doing it but went along with it, and I felt like I was putting a lot of strain on it, so when she asked me to do the same with the other leg I said I was worried about injuring something and refused. Since then I have had various problems with the hip on the side that I didn't raise - I.e. the side that was trying to support my weight. From the following day I had more pains/aching around my hip than usual. I went through a few cycles of trying to rest it, feeling it had got better, and then doing more everyday movement and making it worse again (I mostly avoided the hip strengthening isometric exercises I was doing previously). Then, recently, I started getting sharp, intermittent pains that were more towards the middle of my pelvis (though still on the left side) at the back - I think possibly my SI joint. I had them when I was doing certain movements, e.g. sitting up from laying down, and tried to be careful with those movements. However I also had a busy week last week and generally overdid it physically. Yesterday, I swung my feet around to get out of bed and had a sharper pain than previously and my partner said he heard a loud crack (I was distracted by the pain). Since then I've been struggling to put weight on it - sometimes it seems a bit better and I can walk a little way around the house without short pains, other times I put weight on it or twist the wrong way and get a sudden searing pain that's made me scream out a few times - and then after that any pressure on it seems to hurt it for a while and I can't move around (my partner's been carrying me from room to room). They've been a few more clicking/cracking noises and sensations at various times, so I suspect it may be subluxing, but as far as I know I haven't had issues with subluxations before, so I'm not knowledgable about them beyond what I've read of others experiences on here. I have sometimes experienced a cracking sensation around my sacrum before when I've been laying in bed relaxing the pelvis, like something is shifting, but it hasn't been associated with any pain until now. I'm going to phone my GP in the morning for medical advice, but I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar and whether there are any exercises or anything else that they found helpful? I

Posted by amy_thompson015 at 2023-08-29 22:32:25 UTC