TL;DR any advice or support welcome as I request a work change request for my college job. I have an on campus job at college (I’ve been here a week now) in the dining room. It’s intensely physical with constantly walking for 3-4 hours and lifting heavy things or pushing carts. I made it through two shifts before intense pain after made me consider changing work, and after another shift last night I’ve decided to ask. I have to able to attend and function for classes, especially as they’re pretty seriously enforcing the attendance policies this year. I’m planning to email my supervisor first to see what the process would be, since it would be a health based request since they don’t allow them generally after the start of the semester. It’s just hard to explain to someone else. And I keep thinking how I look fine and work hard during my shift because that’s just how I work, I can push through almost anything if I have to. But I feel like maybe it’ll be harder to get the request granted because I seem fine when I’m working. Anyways. Any thoughts or advice on navigating this?

Posted by IslandGirl at 2023-09-02 15:08:02 UTC