Since recovering (mostly) from surgery. I have eased back into walking or riding my recumbent bike daily for about 20 minutes, slowly. But after about 4 days in a row, I have exaggerated DOMS all over and have to stop for a day or two. Even every other day is not easy on the DOMS. Also, too much of even gentle supine classes can leave my back sore, but not moving at all also makes me hurt, so It is often difficult to gauge what is too much or too little each day. Anyway, the exaggerated DOMS problem started a couple of years ago after a tendon injury that took 18 months to (partially) heal. QUESTIONS: (1) Does anyone know why, or by what mechanism, hEDS or hypermobility generally, causes intense DOMS from mild exercise? (2) Is there anything I can do to prevent or treat pain on the TOPS of my feet--even riding the recumbent bike gently makes the tops of my feet so painful the next day! #DOMS #feet

Posted by Jenny at 2023-09-02 20:47:19 UTC