Hi!! I am new to The Zebra Club but i wanted to see if this is a typical eds thing (i would guess so anyways). Recently, Ive noticed that every time i wake up from a sleep (even wake-ups during the night), I wake up in full-body pain (as i do usually, but much worse). The only thing that helps is to shift positions in my sleep or to walk around and get up for the day, then i can slowly feel better. Does anyone else experience this or have a better method to not feel this way so much? Everything feels so heavy that it is hard to even turn myself over in bed. Btw i most likely have narcolepsy as well so idk if it could relate to that. I hope this isnt to medical-advisory, im just asking for other’s experiences and i will or wont try it.

Posted by laurengrace at 2023-09-04 13:55:41 UTC