Hi everyone, I have a question for clarification. So, I went through the slides for CCI and the presentation and for anyone who has also gone through this — there’s a part where she says instability is the inability for tje nerves and muscles to coordinate movement. So, strengthening and training can help the instability. My understanding is no matter how much my ligaments have been stretched due to various whiplash injuries, the instability can get better by strengthening muscles that need to be strengthened and learning how to coordinate muscles in movement? Does anyone have experience with this? I’ve been following what I can of Jeannie’s CCI youtube video but my muscles are all tightened up (guarding I’m sure) that my range is sooo small. Would soft tissue work following strengthening help this problem? My neck muscles at the front are so tight they get in the way of breathing and movement. My symptoms got worse after a period of heightened anxiety and pelvic floor trauma. Low and slow, what a lesson in patience for me. Thank you guys.

Posted by reema at 2023-09-06 08:52:53 UTC