Had an OT appointment today that was supposed to be for a sensory integration assessment but when I got there she was like I don't do that I don't know why they said that's what they were scheduling. In fact I don't know anyone in the state who does that for adults. Brought in her boss who apparently knows everyone who is anyone in physical therapy in the state. She didn't know of any either. So, I did not have a sensory assessment today as expected but they did spend my hour discussing hypermobility since I was there. Fitted me for a couple oval 8 splints to wear for a couple weeks and see what I think before deciding if I want to try them on more fingers or if I want to purchase some silver ring splints in the future. Ended up being a good appointment despite not being as I thought it would be. They looked at the video I have of my shoulder and said it is absolutely subluxing (that's four people now who agree on that) and to use pillows at night to stabilise and to do strengthening on it. I told them both about Zebra Club and they thought that was very cool so now I have homework to do more shoulder classes. I guess now when people ask if I sublux joints I can say that yes I do. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜… They said they don't really like shoulder braces especially since I said it doesn't hurt when it subluxes, only after. Focus on building stability. They both said that I'm a complex case and gave them lots to think about. Made their day interesting. They think it would be good after I see the EDS specialist to try to get neck and head imaging done to check why I have such pain at the base of my skull and in my neck. They talked about how they can tell I'm hypermobile without me even moving just by the way I hold my joints at rest so I have to try to see what I can fix as far as that goes. Feel like each appointment I get just a tiny bit closer to my goal of figuring out my body and my health. Love that we have this group of amazing Zebras. Love that they can tell me to go home and do Zebra Club shoulder classes and I know it isn't going to be anything that is dangerous for my hypermobile self. πŸ¦“πŸ’™

Posted by SunRise42 at 2023-09-07 22:23:13 UTC