Hello ! I've just joined the zebra club, after about a month of practicing Jeannie's "strengthening" series and loving it. I'm having trouble here in Belgium finding up to date information on HOW TO PROPERLY DIAGNOSE EDS. Jeannie has given me the address of the EDS Society. I have been reading it and will continue to do so. But the info on it is in contradiction to two other official sites in french. My different doctors promote completely different ways of diagnosing. Mainly I've been told to absolutely do the skin biopsy as it is the only way to be sure, AND told to definitely NOT do the skin biopsy as it is very painful and not conclusive. My grand daughter has begun chronic pain as well. It's becoming critical for us to know once and for all if I indeed have EDS or not. My question to you, as people having received the diagnosis : how was it done for you ??? Biopsy or no biopsy? Only clinical observation and answering the questionnaire ? Or are there ways to know for sure ? Many heartfelt thanks for your answers. I look forward to meeting you and to working my way (slowly and calmly) through the different apps. Belle journée à toutes et tous, Diane.

Posted by diane-broman at 2023-09-08 09:50:03 UTC