I have so many questions..... Only a month into TZC and learning sooo much, thank you all. So here are a few that I'm mulling over. I don't have a formal diagnosis, other than my podiatrist but I think, finally, that my new GP is starting to listen. Over the last 20+ years I have made changes to my diet and found what works for me, which has also eliminated hives, heartburn, bloating and candida. I have had repeat blood tests because of low Iga levels, which is when I eliminated gluten and fully dairy free. They are not wanting to take it further because I rarely get colds etc. Is this something I should pursue to establish any MCAS? I saw a neurologist several years ago and was diagnosed with vestibular migraines but my medical record say BPPV. Given symptoms I have at times is this the same as POTS? Could it be POTS, especially as my symptoms have changed over the years, esp post meno? Electrolytes are really helping in so many ways, especially fatigue. Should I push for another test? I had xrays on my neck and they show bone spurs on C4 and 5 and I swear I can feel ligaments 'pop' when my neck feels jammed. This is also when my vision goes weird, fatigue goes up, anxiety increases in some way. Is this normal with hypermobility? Again, they do not seem to want to pursue this in any way, no feedback, guidance etc, I even said the my GP "Oh so it's ok that I feel like I'm about to pass out then?" - Nothing! I know others have much worse, but I wonder how much all of my stuff has prevented me from having the mental, emotional and physical energy to sustain my own business and earn a decent wage. Really feeling the consequence of it all right now. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Helen G at 2023-09-09 11:08:03 UTC