I did the 'How do I do that' (note to self - keep a note of what I do and where it is so I can find it again!). Anyway @Jeannie Di Bon you asked if there was anything else you could include. I work from home and in March took a small p/t job in a H&B, it is turning out much more physical that I thought, it has though brought me here as a result of the pain, fatigue and pots symptoms I experienced. Anyway, I have to go up and downstairs a lot with baskets of products, some heavy. I am also checking and re-filling shelves, which messes with my blood pressure. I try and minimise the trips but then I carry heavier baskets. Any tips on going up and downstairs, with and without baskets, and also managing shelves. A big ask maybe? I am putting into practice posture, breathing etc. Many thanks. Helen

Posted by Helen G at 2023-09-09 11:15:52 UTC