Anyone got insights on how to approach shoulder instability that comes alongside neck and upper back pain caused by constantly tense muscles? The knots in my traps have knots of their own at this point 😩 My shoulders feel loose and are extra clicky, the muscles and tissue around them are tender, it feels like I’ve a golf ball stuck in my rhomboid, and sometimes things are so tense that I get a bit of arm tingling from a wee pinched nerve or something 😵‍💫 How do you manage to strengthen the muscles needed to support the shoulders, which will help reduce the chronic tension in overcompensating muscles, while dealing with constant pain and instability? I’m not able to see my PT for another month, and I’m still trying to figure out managing this as it’s a newer development for me. Anyone got advice or personal experience? Any ideas for which classes to go through? Thanks 🫶🏻

Posted by Chloe.AH at 2023-09-10 17:08:33 UTC