Finger splints... Has anyone used Oval 8s and then switched to metal ring splints? Did you end up liking the metal ones better? Pros and cons? When I went to OT I was given two Oval 8s to test and I'm liking them so far. She said I can go back after a few weeks and get some more if I like them. Silver splints seem crazy expensive from most places and I'm not sure the shape of them would be as comfortable as the Oval 8s. The only thing is the plastic ones are definitely not cute but they do seem to help. They do make them in clear instead of the beige ones so that might be a little better. If you got metal ones who did you buy them from? There's Zebra Splints, Silver Ring Splints and then there's a bunch of different places on Etsy. Etsy has some less expensive options and I did find some that are shaped like the Oval 8s but say made of silver so that might be an option. 🤔

Posted by SunRise42 at 2023-09-10 21:29:35 UTC