Hi everyone, Newbie here from Ireland. A bit of a long one. It was actually the chiropractor who within 10 minutes of examining me said with such confidence “i know whats wrong, your hypermoblie” which led to me finding out about HSD and EDS, it was such a relief basically hearing my life story after doctors telling me I’m fine every time I saw them since I started experiencing pain as a kid. Basically my question is, is it worth going through the struggle of trying to get an official diagnosis? Or should i just stick with the zebra club and knowing myself whats right for my body. I was referred to a rheumatologist but it ended up being a physio on behalf of the rheum and she said I am hypermobile but she doesn’t believe that being hypermobile can cause pain. Another physio I went to thought it was really cool how far back I can tilt my head and asked me to do it again. I have really lost faith in all of them and I really don’t want to be told again that theres nothing wrong, back to work.

Posted by amy98 at 2023-09-11 11:07:49 UTC