#ringsplints #fingers #toes I listened to the hand presentation the other day. I am hypermobile in ALL of the joints that the presenter discussed. Do I need to invest in ring splints even though I generally do not experience finger pain, except for sometimes the base of my thumb, where it meets the bottom of the palm? My pinky and ring fingers do show swan neck deformities and "catch" when I bend town the top joint. This "catching" means that the "ligaments are slipping." Will ring splints help with typing? Will they prevent worsening of the deformities, "catching," any arthritis? Or should I not bother until/unless I accrue pain? Also, has anyone discussed any implications of hypermobile toes? My toe tips bend backward the same way my fingertips do!

Posted by Jenny at 2023-09-12 08:57:08 UTC