#stability #strengthen #progress I am unsure of what "instability" means. People here ask me if I have "instability," and I do not know how to answer. I have been clinically diagnosed with hEDS, but I've never in my 59 years of life had a dislocation, nor any subluxation that I'm aware of. Does that mean that I do not have "instability"? Or does "instability" mean that ligaments and tendons are lax? If so, then everyone here has "instability." Can someone please clarify what this term means. Now, one reason I'm asking this question is because I need a related distinction clarified: That between the "Stability" classes and the "Strengthen and Connect" classes. I have figured out that I need to move on from supine "gentle" classes, even though I can still overdo these classes and have pain result. I've been doing them since January, and tissue tolerance is not changing/improving in this regard. In fact, I've noticed that, since breast reduction surgery, I have less pain if I don't do them much at all. The surgery rid me of most of my pain, not only in my upper body, but all over because it seems to me my central sensitization is no longer being triggered now that the upper body is relieved of excess weight. So, is the design of this program such that the Stability classes generally should be practiced first, before attempting any strengthening classes? Or is it okay to go to Strength work without focusing primarily on Stability? I notice that almost all the Strength classes are at the moderate or challenging level, and I've been doing only gentle so far, but before my injury in 2021 I was in the gym almost 2 hours daily. I would like to regain my conditioning.

Posted by Jenny at 2023-09-13 00:06:24 UTC