Hi all, I’d be grateful of some advice regarding standing. I am practicing standing with equal weight on the tripod of my feet, and also spiralling the thigh bones up and out. However, when I stand correctly, I still have an anterior pelvic tilt. I know @Jeannie Di Bon says we should not fix a posture, but I am just wondering if I should purposely move my pelvis into neutral when I’m standing? Or should I wait for my pelvis to re-align itself once all of my muscles are stronger and less tight? Also, when I stand correctly, my knee caps get pulled up and held tense by my thighs. I have to really focus on relaxing them and dropping them down. Does anyone know why this is and what I need to work on? Thank you.

Posted by ZebraStrong at 2023-09-15 11:14:41 UTC