Just an interesting observation I've had; human Doctors could learn so much from veterinary medicine. Especially in "special or rare cases". My dog is currently being tested for Addison disease. I have also been through testing for Addison's disease. But when I was tested I was told I was making up my symptoms, I wasn't sick enough, "you're just tired because you're a woman", vagueness about what Addison's was, maybe autoimmune etc. I've been reading veterinary info on Addison's and it is stated so clearly! Here's what adrenal hormones do, here's the symptoms, here's the treatment. No vet has ever said "I think your dog is faking it", I think your dog is exaggerating, your dog isn't sick enough for me to consider them.

Posted by heatherc at 2023-09-16 14:57:28 UTC