Hi everyone, I have a question - when I’m on the mat, I find it very hard for my body to settle to the floor. My ribs in particular, like my whole body is hyperextending and in spasm at the moment. My breathing is hard and I need to touch my diaphragm and belly for them to slowly relax, but then my head feels all wobbly and unstable. I want to do some of the sleep and fatigue and mindfulness classes, and I have been watching Dr. Russek’s presentation on exercise progression and getting stabilisers to switch on for other ones to relax. My question is - did it also take a long time for any of you to really settle and trust the ground? What about for those with neck instability? And could some of you start on some gentle classes without the whole body relaxed into the floor? Thank you.

Posted by reema at 2023-09-16 17:30:34 UTC