Hi all. I’ve just done the ‘How Do I Do That’ class and it was really useful for me to hone in on what is hurting. I developed ‘new’ lower back/pelvic/hip pain about 3 years ago. It’s triggered by getting in/out of the car, walking on sloped ground, if I take misjudge the depth of a step it’s an pain that almost takes me breathe away. It’s made worse by using my arms in certain ways. Walking my (small) dogs, carrying shopping bags and raising my arms. A couple of weeks ago I was stretching upwards and could feel it was way beyond range, after I lowered my arms something happened in my lower back that was excruciating and I couldn’t sit down. Then it passed as suddenly as it began. Does this sound like SI joint to people or something else? No luck at GP, gave up going back, they didn’t understand EDS and wouldn’t refer back to rheumatology.

Posted by mathiascharlotte at 2023-09-17 21:07:27 UTC