Ai ai ai - dentist advice please! I have, like many others here I'm sure, had mostly negative experiences with local anesthetics injections at the dentist (and elsewhere on my body too). They take a long time to start working, and don't work very well so I still feel a lot of what's happening. I have not bothered with injections for many years now, but unfortunately I have an emergency appt tomorrow with dental surgeon to remove a wisdom tooth that has not emerged yet (it's dissolving, which is bad news). So they're going to have to dig it out basically. They are very aware of EDS, and wants to try with giving me extra time for the numbing to work. I was wondering if anyone knows roughly how long it usually takes for them to get the numbing effect? And if anyone's had this done and knows what I should request, or what to expect from healing?

Posted by Ida at 2023-09-19 08:29:06 UTC