Hi Zebras! I am just realizing my condition even though I’ve always known I was hypermobile. I just noticed and was diagnosed with Blue Sclera which I think will help me get ESD diagnosed. I am waiting for genetics testing which would not be possible without an echo by my cardiologist which lucky for me I had done for the first time last December. I was then diagnosed with POTS. I know I have MCAS issues as well. Happy to have found this wonderful resource and community!! I am Pilates trained - not practicing due to pandemic and increased pain. My doctor told me to stop Pilates last year due to intense head & neck pain. During my Pilates work the teacher was well informed on hypermobility and helped me to heal my back, pelvic instability however my neck/shoulders worsened and my pain & frustration grew. I pushed without realizing the stress & strain I was creating. I avoided the 100s and many exercises as I simply could not do them without pain. I torn my shoulder labrum with a fall and that complicated things even more, I have lots of tears and damage as I’m sure many of you have as well. I am happy to say I’ve relieved much of the intense pain and now I’m ready to relearn and move with this program! Thank you Jeannie for creating this app and community!

Posted by gurrylife at 2022-03-17 20:44:08 UTC