#bad day I'm so totally exhausted. I keep doing stupid things.. such as in this photo I thought 'right maybe electrolytes are the answer' but then I've tipped the whole blooming tube in. My husband has taken the kids out for a bit but because I woke up tired I wasn't on it with the usual routine so everything took much longer and the process of getting them ready , making an ad-hoc picnic etc etc wiped out the last if what I had left in me. Plans to tackle the laundry mountain that has defeated me all week, to do my physio in peace, cook something for pleasure- all out the window. Just needed to tell someone!! It's so totally frustrating.. New plan is this: Lunch - straight out of a packet. Zebra Lie down and call the person I should've called last week- to resolve my fretting about Easter hols, accept that I'm just not up to it atm. Turn on robot hoover somewhere I can't hear him. I used to be in a coaching community and there was much talk of having a 'bad day protocol' , I never got around to writing mine, but I may now. It's basically a plan created in advance to give yourself a break , forgive yourself, accept that the day is not what you wish for, but it is what it is. What would you include on your bad day protocol?

Posted by rachaelr at 2022-03-26 12:34:09 UTC