Hi @Jeannie Di Bon I was wondering if you have done, or could do, a 'Flare Management' type class that we could go to during an acute flare when the body goes into high alert and the brain won't function? Something to watch to remind us that flare ups are normal, and to reduce our normal activity and signposting us to the meditation / mindful classes to help unwind the nervous system. Typing this and it is obvious advice, but during setbacks I can't think straight, and default to old habits of either trying to push through and ending up with more injuries and a rapid downward spiral, or doing absolutely nothing except hibernating under the duvet and becoming de-conditioned again! A class for during those times would be a great way to reinforce a positive approach to coming through a flare in the best way for our bodies. Just a thought, I don't know what anyone else thinks?

Posted by Deleted (3a192d92) at 2022-03-28 09:20:35 UTC