What are everyone's heat stress coping tactics / tech solutions? With the good weather last week I already started sweating at night a little bit. One of the walls of my bedroom is dark stone and get sun all day when it's hot, then the stone heats my room all night. I know my flatmates suffer with it too, but I already run hot and have trouble sleeping, and I seem to suffer more than they do. Maybe I have dysautonomia. I'm starting to think of the heat as an access/health issue and wanting to set myself up to win this summer. I've been researching swamp coolers / evaporation coolers, fans, gel mattress pads, cooling mattress toppers, and air conditioning. I'm in Scotland! Hard to believe I'm researching air conditioners. It would only be used for a couple of months in summer. Does anyone have any experience with any of the above? Any combinations or brands that you would recommend? #heat #dysatonomia #sleep #summer

Posted by Leo Juniper at 2022-03-29 10:09:45 UTC