I have TMJD from a one-sided open bite. In the past I had been told by orthodontists that I would need invasive jaw surgery to resolve it and there was a good chance it wouldn't help or could even make it worse. I went to an orthodontist who is more holistic and she said she could fix it with a new kind of device. Well 3 years later I'm in braces and although my teeth are better aligned I'm still having TMJD. My mandible always wants to shift to the right and the muscles along my neck, ribs, and upper spine are tighter on that side. I have chronic neck pain and tension headaches. I strongly suspect my jaw misalignment is either caused by cervical instability or vice versa. I always feel like the back of my skull is off kilter. Anyway I would like to see a specialist who can figure this out and it seems like maxillofacial surgeon is the most appropriate, but I don't want surgery. Suggestions on who to see/what to do next?

Posted by emily-b at 2022-04-02 19:52:45 UTC