●☆●TRIGGER WARNING●☆● This is one of my major dislocation. The doctor called it a Traumatic Dislocation. The doctor did not put it into place properly and it dislocated almost immediately after leaving the hospital. I was on some strong painkillers, so I didn't even know it was out of place. I did not have insurance at the time and all the orthopedic doctors would not touch me without some money. I raised enough money for him to see me and by that point I had a dislocated elbow for 2 and a half weeks. He asked me how I was able to walk around with a severely dislocated elbow and my response was, when you're broke, you have to deal with it. I had emergency surgery the next day and finally have insurance.

Posted by Deleted (e1ccf84a) at 2022-04-03 18:28:13 UTC