Morning everyone. Quick admin update as getting a few queries on this. - please ensure your old subscription was cancelled if you were a member on the previous platform. I’m still getting people being charged and asking for refunds on the old platform. You must cancel otherwise it will continue to run. The platforms are separate and do not communicate with each other. - if you transferred over to the app on a voucher for annual membership carry over, once the voucher expires the app will start charging you a monthly fee. You won’t get an email in advance - The payment system cannot do that. It’s all automated payments depending on the voucher expiry date. - if you wanted to switch back to annual, that would be the time to do it. Simply cancel the existing membership and rejoin on an annual basis. Please do let me know if any queries or you’d like me to check your old membership. Simply drop me an email. Happy to help.

Posted by Jeannie Di Bon at 2022-04-04 08:53:34 UTC