Hiya, I'm new to the club. My rheumatologist suggested I join after our first pain management session yesterday. I'm still waiting for my genetic test results, but I meet all of the hEDS criteria so, per the geneticist, I should walk out of my next appointment with him with an EDS diagnosis of some kind. I'm looking forward to seeing how this can help. Most of my problems are with my hips/knees, which can cause mischief with my feet (which apparently are flat feet, so I'll need to get shoe inserts now), my spine between my back which messes with my neck and horrible headaches, and my jaw can pop out if I bite down wrong.. it is so tiring thinking about every movement to avoid injury. I hope this course will help me feel more comfortable in my body.

Posted by Deleted (667fd6cd) at 2022-04-08 07:42:02 UTC