Alright this is a very random question, but have any of you experienced disembarkment syndrome? It’s when after a plane or boat ride your body still feels like it’s moving in a swaying/bobbing motion. (Sometimes hours later, for example I feel it that night when I lie down). I’ve always assumed everyone felt this until speaking with my husband who looked at me baffled. Turns out my family likewise does not know what I’m talking about. Then I googled it and found out it has a name and is apparently rare…but in my brief reading it makes me wonder if it’s possibly related to dysautonomia? So I figured I’d poll all of you to see if you have ever experienced this type of sensation. I know weird vestibular sensations can be more common in dysautonomia so perhaps this too.

Posted by Deleted (686ed9c7) at 2022-04-09 00:42:54 UTC