Lightbulb moment,! The crack in the middle of my back I've had forever - it's a sublux! So that's why my mid backs always sore... Understanding is great. Now I'm thinking of solutions .. continue zebra and PT obv, but it's especially unstable at certain times of the month, I tend to attempt to rest more ( not so easy while looking after 2 kids in school hols) take more pills, apply heat. Perhaps a brace of some sort? I find compression leggings helpful for hips but this area is probably half way between top of my pants and bra fastener. There were some interesting postural t-shirts in here recently, but I'd prefer something more vest shaped, sleeveless. Or perhaps just round the middle. But I'm a bit fat atm ( UK size 18) so how to strap up my back without squeezing my tummy too much?? 🤔 Any ideas? Thank you! 😘

Posted by rachaelr at 2022-04-11 20:08:16 UTC