Dr Russeks lecture- only just listened yesterday. Thank you both so much for this. I really needed to hear that prevailing message throughout of start low go slow. I've been feeling fed up with minimal progress and feeling much the same. So many useful takeaways: ***Life getting in the way. ( So many major life events of late for our family) . ***Hypermobiles starting from a different place -many weeks behind in terms of deconditioning.( Absolutely) ***The need for recovery time following injury ,( yep I had several over mid winter period- spring really has felt like new life after all that) ***Not expecting much when still unstable / undiagnosed in terms of MCAS/pots - (yes that's me.) *** The effect of brain fog/ fatigue on ability to complete a session- or even find the motivation . So much learning - and forgiveness of myself. So helpful to share with my partner as well who has many times said something along the lines of 'you just need to get a bit fitter' if only it was 'just' !! Thank you ! πŸ˜ΈπŸ¦“πŸ’ͺ

Posted by rachaelr at 2022-04-14 08:03:35 UTC