Small victory- yesterday was the first work day (I occasionally do background extra work in films) since starting Zebra Club some months ago. Despite extremely long day (18 hrs including commute) I wasn’t wiped out by end of day. Because of the support of the EDS community I treated myself as someone with a disability, used a cane for the first time, wore a back brace, and brought a roller bag for my stuff instead of backpack. Used a small cross-body bag for purse. Took the elevator instead of stairs. Granted, the job required no more than sitting in one area then walking to sit in another area, several times. Also I wore very supportive athletic shoes 👟 with orthotics. Throughout the day I kept doing the things I learned here: ankle circles/writing my name, kept repositioning my head over shoulders over pelvis, small pelvic tilts, gentle shoulder circles and twists. I stayed calm and centered despite late meals and not knowing when we would be finished (typical for film job). Thanks Jeannie and all of you for educating me 🙏❤️❤️

Posted by Trustinbeing at 2022-04-14 12:11:07 UTC