I’ll post my experience since I didn’t have any responses to my question about it. I looked all over (but not on facebook) for info on EDS and abdominal muscle correction/plication before I had it done. I found very little. For me, it was very necessarily. After children and multiple lap surgeries, I just couldn’t get good function out of my abs. I’d worked with pelvic floor Pt for several years, and while we’d make some progress, I’d bloat from gastoparesis or mcas and boom - I’d rip the muscles open and down went my mobility and pelvic health. I also have to be *so careful* all the time. Every movement was made thinking about the abdominals and not tearing them from a slightly healed position (still a large gap, but maybe 2 fingers apart instead of 4). I did try historical #corsetry before doing the tummy tuck. That really sealed the deal for me. I went with a plastic surgeon since tummy tucks do the plication as standard practice and are popular, and a general surgeon has less cases and therefor less practice. It’s not like insurance was covering it anyway. It also allowed me to have 7 lbs of broken, stretched abdominal skin removed. My skin is NOT elastic, lol and it is nice to have that gone. For recovery, my advise is the injectable numbing meds since pain meds aren’t possible with Mcas. I know we’re all warriors here, but recovery was so hard, bad, and a much greater duration than the “average”. I also had wound separation and delayed healing. Also, my visual results aren’t the normal for a tummy tuck - another thing to possibly keep in mind. But the core result internally is there. I had drains, but I went for someone who could do a drain less tuck because I wanted to keep my lymphatic system. I’m 4 months out, and have some laxity of my upper muscle wall now, but not bad. My abs are together and my pelvic floor has never been happier. I feel like my work actually shows in this area now. It’s not a procedure to take lightly. It’s hard to imagine doing it again. But I do think for someone with EDS, it’s worth deeply considering. #tummytuck #abdominoplasty #plication

Posted by marie.kelley at 2022-04-15 13:08:14 UTC