Hi all, I have been a very bad student lately. My SI joint was very very painful, so I went to a physio- and manual therapist. She was great by the way, I don't know what she did, I just felt her fingers pressing here and there. Now, I still feel something is not quite right but I have no real pain, don't take painkillers etc. Then I had a bad flu and then it was time for the second covid booster, that this time made me really sick. Add in some family problems and all in all I stopped being a 🦓. Yesterday my husband helped me clearing up the mess in my room, so that at least there is enough space to roll out a pilates mat. And as of today I have become a member of the accountability group, and I hope they will help me become a more regular student. I just felt the need to tell this here.

Posted by Bettine at 2022-04-16 09:50:59 UTC