Hi :-) it’s occurred to me that I think I have a rib out from four years ago. I thought it was a hip problem as it started after I was late for something so made the mistake of running for 20 seconds a few years back. A couple of days later I had really extreme pain all around the hip joint and was hobbling. Over the years it will settle and get really bad depending on what I have done. It does seem that walking affect it badly. I recently noticed feeling my ribs at one side (the painful side) feels different to the other. Almost like it dips in. And when I press it I can feel something move and it feels like it’s all connected to the pain I have been feeling around that side. I know putting ribs out of place is very common with a eDS but it has never happened to me before. Would that affect the hip joint and groin area potentially?

Posted by Valerie at 2022-04-17 12:52:24 UTC