Body Braid Hi everyone, I just tried the core body braid for the first time sitting down. I adjusted it so it felt ‘snug’ but not too tight. I could feel muscles engaging. After about 5 mins, I had to remove it and felt like I had done a lot of crunches on my abs 😂 I lost a lot of muscle tone after an injury and a lot of other issues the past couple of years, so subluxations have progressed a lot. Does anyone here use a body braid as well? Given how my abs feel after such short use, I think I need to build up my time in short increments - but how short and how many times a day? How long until I try the extension bands for knee/ankle support? I watched the videos on the body braid website, and I found just a couple in Youtube but nothing substantial. Any advice is appreciated.

Posted by nickelav at 2022-04-21 08:58:31 UTC