#success #fatigue #tcm Today I want to share a successful treatment against chronic fatigue with you. I am suffering from chronic fatigue and I used to sleep for like 16 hours per day. I visited a doctor for tcm (traditional chinese medicine) who is very knowledgeable in herbal treatments (dekokt tea). To rule out any allergic or unwanted reactions we decided that I test out all herbs that come into question for my treatment individually before he develops a special herb mixture for me. After that I started drinking the herbal mixture as a tea 3 times a day. After two weeks I noticed that I hadn't slept during the day the last days. I'm like 6 weeks in now and I do not sleep during the day anymore. I sleep about 9 hours per night which used to by my usual sleep pattern before everything got so bad. What a great feeling that is! My days are days again! Don't get me wrong: I still need to lie down and relax a lot, it's not like I could be active on my feet all day. However I can read or do something on the PC while lying and are not falling a sleep trying to do so.

Posted by Katie T at 2022-04-21 14:47:52 UTC