Watching the fabulous fascia video really was enlightening for me. A little over a year ago I pulled my left hip (a pt eventually diagnosed it as an up slip) and around the same time got a shoulder impingement. Just thought it was an unlucky coincidence. But when I saw Jeannie pull her shirt taut and I saw the wrinkles from the hip up to the opposite shoulder it was an aha moment. That is exactly the issue I've been facing I've been to the doctor twice, one visit for the shoulder one for the hip and three different physical therapist in this past year. Not once did any of them suggest these two injuries could be related. And none of them helped with my pain. In fact at least one of these PTs made me worse. I'm probably not alone in feeling very let down by medical professionals. 😩 Anyway I am learning so much from tzc and grateful to have found it and jeannie πŸ˜„ I also wanted to get opinions on the first exercise standing up for the kind of injury I have. Not sure if it's good for me or not? The exercise lying down seems fine and I'm doing that one Ty

Posted by mkae71 at 2022-04-24 16:26:40 UTC