I figured i would introduce myself :) Im 28, from wisconsin, and have heds. It took me around 18 years to get diagnosed. Currently my main issue is my left foot. I partially ruptured my plantar fascia where it attaches to the heel bone. I was in a cast for 6 weeks with non weight baring, then i was sent to PT 3x a week for two months. At my recheck, an MRI was ordered as the pain was getting worse not better. My mri showed i had not healed at all, and also found many ligaments and joints had fluid around them. They also found a talar dome lesion in my ankle joint with fissuring cartridge and bone loss. I saw a foot reconstruction specialist and he has experience with eds. He noticed my ankle completely dislocates with very little pull from him and also some small midfoot bones as well. He gave me an injection into my plantar fascia to hopefully calm down the inflammation and said it most likely would complete the rupture which was the next step anyways. This shot has very much helped and i think it did rupture last night and i can walk without pain for the first time in years. The next step he is thinking is, to go in my ankle with a scope and clean up the cartilage and missing bone, and also do a lateral ankle ligament replacement but with artificial ligaments. Normally they just shorten the ligaments but with eds, we just stretch out again so thats why he wants to do a fake ligament. Eventually down the line i may be looking at a mid foot bone fusion but hopefully not for a while. And no. My plantar fascia will not ever heal

Posted by Deleted (bad6f9dd) at 2022-04-24 18:36:16 UTC