Dear all, would like to share a topic I did not hear/read so much about yet, which is bothering me. I am in flare for a week now and while I try to manage it physically and emotionally for myself - in this area I learned a lot already - I am wondering how to cope with the toll it takes on my partner. Same as me he is having worries how it will go on, like much of us concering our condition, he feels left alone with me having this condition and feels so much is relying on him. Which is very much true, especially now that I am in bed a lot, can do even less around the house, can look even less after the dog etc. I am still trying to do as much as I can and he understands why I can not do more and really tries to be patient, but it does bother him emotionally as well. Without wanting to be intrusive I would like to know what you found helpful for such a situation, or even more what your partners, relatives etc. Might found useful as being the person standing beside you? Thanks so much!

Posted by Deleted (19ee1a7b) at 2022-04-30 06:56:37 UTC