Im trying to loose weight and thankfully have been successful at 10lbs so far. My eds makes my stomach expand so i never feel full but WW is doing wonders for me. My other thing that always arises when i try to loose weight is my entire abdomen (diaphragm and down) gets a dull ache and it discourages me because it hurts. It happens every time i try to loose weight and i need to loose quite a bit. I tend to carry my weight around my organs so i dont look my weight but thats not good. Idk if it’s inflammation from organs moving from fat disappearing? It is not a stomach ache. Any one have any idea why it physically hurts to loose weight? I have currently only changed my diet and no exercise at this time. So i know it isnt muscle related

Posted by Deleted (bad6f9dd) at 2022-04-30 17:15:04 UTC